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Art in St Louis

My experience with the great sprawling area that is St. Louis - the people, culture, and attitude that makes this place unique.

To express such new conditions, or exude an energy previously unfound, to find idea, rhythm, and emotion in a strange arrangement - it's a unique expression that allows endless branches to form.

To extract the nuances of the visual universe can be as otherwordly as any strange pursuit - revealing the changes in shape and light to such detail, changing one's consciousness into a total lens.

To see the world in it's infinite detail, and to bend those rules into a new way of seeing - it takes a visionary step, a leap into unknown paradigms

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"People commonly set out to reach a destination or complete a goal, and in the end, something much stranger occurs... they become a different person. Some of our best and worst experiences are transforming and it can require a steady effort to maintain and create a good world."

~ Adam Sea Klein ~

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