Adam Sea Klein

Abstract Art

The excursion of the mind can reach deeply into an untethered reality, as the abstract space takes one deep into possibility.  The artist can use all the dimensions of art to project a reality that must be discovered by themselves, and each viewer that steps in front of the creation.  The orchestration that plays out is a series of colors and forms that allow us to perceive differently than without such a lens to stare within.

Every person I’ve ever met is very different, even most identical twins. Abstract art, at its core, is just like this.  Each person has a unique handwriting, voice, look and air about them - each person has a unique way of perceiving all those qualities.  The human mind can sense such subtle things to such incredible detail, things that are apparent, and subtle, if not almost hidden to our senses.  Also, each person has a way of expressing themselves, their energy and understanding, and with enough attention to that, an abstract world can unfold.

The great expanse opens up infinite variation, ways of unfolding an idea or energy that cannot be produced in any other way.  The abstract realm is a most alluring place for an artist, who wishes to feel something beyond our expectations.  The nature for the mind to see and feel what lay before us can simmer, and begin to vanish – and in its place, the urge to expand into a new way, a new world takes over.

Our world offers subtle glimpses into the abstract, as the dynamics of clouds and the cosmos interact.  We see the inclusion of forms change and disappear.  The alterations to such dynamics create the basis, as we purge the need for simple form, we take the reigns of altered image and transport ourselves to another method of perception.

I step to the canvas with one intension – to generate a living dynamic that proves worthy of my interest.  I gaze, and adjust myself to become that source, a wavelength that needs to bend and move.  In the abstract space, it is the desire of perception to become something more, something irresistible, something needed.  A new order expands, and a new way of creating lives.

It is the use, and alteration of the dynamics of art that begin the pursuit.  It is the need for new spaces, new relationships, new laws of physics.  The enhancement to color and value becomes the throttle, and the wavering mind becomes the great expanse.

The paint flows, and pushes dramatically, or perhaps sublime.  The eye catches subtle measurements and goes along, or changes the drama to meet the needs of the canvas.  The flow is established, the rules broken and changed, and the system of governance of what defines a coherent, natural structure reveals itself.

The artist can push with their whole being, to achieve something just beyond their reach, a method reveals its coloration, its desire – the morbid sublimity reaches for the infinite, the eternal, the denatured, the created.  Enhancement becomes a way of life.

We take each measure and wrap it around ourselves, and let that small focus turn into a large and panning view.  Those who pursue the abstract as an artform allow the universe to pour through them, and hone themselves to push aside the unwanted qualities, and emphasis what must be found.

As we all decide what is art, what is worthwhile, abstraction tends to choose us as well.  The subtle natures that diversify all of humanity can find themselves intertwined, changed, enlivened, and then evolved, as our own personal understanding of what moves us on the level art forever reaches into new niches that drive us forward, into curiosity… into resonance.  The music of art is found in this medium and method, the reverberance of crystalline maths that strike our most subjective chords.

The way we move forward, motionless, among the tapestry of existence – these abstractions provide a snapshot of some internal method, an urgency to create what cannot otherwise exist – to put together ourselves around a new type of world, a new reality, never seen before.



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"People commonly set out to reach a destination or complete a goal, and in the end, something much stranger occurs... they become a different person. Some of our best and worst experiences are transforming and it can require a steady effort to maintain and create a good world."

~ Adam Sea Klein ~

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