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We are about to announce the next series of books to be released, we will have links directly from this page to excerpts of these books!

No spoilers yet, but two of these books will be story books, and one of these books will be a book of poetic works written a while ago, yet unseen to the world.  This announces a new chain of two kinds of works, both stories and poetic works, that will release several titles over the next year.

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What's New

Adam Sea Klein is quite the productive fellow; he likes to write two or three books simultaneously.  This leads to a rather exciting process of launching more than one book at a time.  So, as usual, Adam is in the process of publishing a backlog of already written books! Three books are set to release in the next few months - hopefully sooner - but there are actually more ready to go immediately thereafter.  We can notify you of the releases if you sign up for the Giveaway and New Release List to the right (or below if you are on mobile).

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Guess where I am?

"Let me just say that I have read several e-books about this subject and none of these lead to success. Moon landing for the rest of us is a totally different beast. The guides are so easy to follow and it only took me two weeks to get where I am today. I am now looking forward to the sequel, I simply can't wait to read it."

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"Covering the map of consciousness has it's own rewards and reaching for the unknown is how knowledge has come to humanity, every step of the way.
I like to explore that surface in every possible way."        ~ Adam Sea Klein ~


"Adam Sea Klein's stories stay forward moving with a constant flow of interesting details and interactions. He has a way of making incredible worlds yet injecting special real world nuances that give his works expanded life."

Ellen Dubois


"Adam writes a unique form of poetry that makes the interior of the mind a real place and he has converted that space into a very specific type of exploration. Who knows what to call it?  When I start reading, I just continue."

Dave Costen


"He just knows how to hit a unique place inside, a place that only great epic works can get to. He gives the search such room to breath, and he makes it cool."

Julie Clark