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How To Self-Publish a Book

I'm building this page slowly.  For now I'm just sticking chunks in, and will organize it later!

Proof reading / editing
Always necessary.  Here is a contrarian discussion:

Some people are more sensitive to technical grammar, while others lean on flavor of speech, thought flow, and rhythm of language, and they fight through grammar all the time.

One great example of bad grammar is the best selling book (also turning into a movie) called Beast of No Nation. The entire book is written in broken English. (Excerpt here:…/Extract-Beasts-of-No-Nation.pdf

Sure. Some bad grammar is hard to read, so there is an art to bad grammar. Characters might speak in slang and mixed grammar - so what's the issue with a written narrator doing the same? Why does one book get awards for it, while others get blow-back? How do you feel about this?  The fact is, language has to make sense and build understanding and imagery in the reader's mind... as easily as possible.  Having shared rules can help this.  Many mainstream books of modern fiction bend or break the rules to some degree.

Now... not to antagonize anyone, but to spike the punch bowl a little - I found this article that found brain activity in grammar-ly obsessed to be similar to OCD

Tools to help you:
- ProWritingAid
- Grammarly
- Fiverr for proofreaders
- Also, building your own Beta team to test your new novel can gain you lots of feedback


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